Year 11 revision

Pearson Active Learn Website

This is THE place to do your online revision, your teacher will set you assignments and you can also pick and choose other activities to use. If you need a demo or help logging in, please let me know

Your login details look like this 16ASmith Make sure to use capitals for your initial and first letter of surname. Password is ilovefrench please change this to something memorable for you.

Memrise Edexcel course

Vocabulary revision for the course. Very repetitive and therefore helps it 'sink in'. Use this but don't forget to use ActiveLearn to practice reading and listening skills fit for GCSE exams.

Reading past papers

Listening past paper

GCSE French Websites and online resources

Have a look at these websites- they will provide really good reference and support for your GCSE in French. Bon courage.

A* Phrases

Look at these phrases that will support you achieving A* in your speaking and writing controlled assessments

"I just don't get French tenses"

Try my guide!

Student support booklet

You will receive this booklet broken down into certain sections from your class teacher but here is the whole booklet for you and your parents/ carers to use at home

KS4 Resources

Year 10 Leisure Resources
Year 11 Tourism Resources